About Us


GuestEQ was built from 15+ years of direct Hotel Operating experience to tie together and streamline every guest and staff interaction. Our application drives awareness and accountability so every request and checklist is addressed on-time. We’ve emphasized focus and ease of use so adoption and continued use by staff is ensured.

GuestEQ Features

Guest Text Messaging

Safely interact with guests via Text Messaging and create Housekeeping or Maintenance orders right from a Text thread! Guests will love the safe, visible, and fast responsiveness from your team. During the Covid-19 pandemic this feature will help limit your staffs face to face contact with guests while still providing outstanding customer service.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Create and track Housekeeping and Maintenance workorders. Your staff will be notified via our mobile app so they can respond immediately. Workorders and Housekeeping Requests that are created directly from guest texts will automatically notify the guest that a workorder has been created and will once again notify then when it's complete.


From the Hotel Feed page and Daily Email Digest, have real-time insight into operations at any property! No more asking for updates or printing a list every day. Post announcements to staff, manage schedules, and review guest text interactions.

Scheduling & Daily Checklists

Digitalize your staffs work schedules. Easily schedule your staff for multiple shifts. Employees can submit day off requests and see all their scheduled shifts directly from our mobile app. For hotel brands that require covid temperature testing we have added a tracking tool to mark each employee as tested. Daily Checklists can be customized for each department and individual employee.

Our Founders

GuestEQ was the idea of Hotel COO - Scott Curran. He wanted to create a platform that would be simple for his staff to use, create accountable for all guest related action items and would give him valuable insights that he could use to help the hotels provide excellent customer service.

Scott Curran

President and CEO

"I was using several pieces of software to try and keep our hotels organized. My staff hated it. They were constantly switching from one program to the other and things were being missed. Finally one day I had enough. I called Ryan and said "I need your help." We spent multiple years creating a system that is not only super user friendly, but covers all areas of the hotel operations and has increased our guest service scores across all my hotels."

Ryan Mindigo

Cheif Technical Officer

"When Scott came to me with the idea for GuestEQ he emphasized the importance of having a single platform where his employees could keep track of all daily items happening at the hotel. Customer Service was his #1 priority and he never wanted anything a guest requested to be missed again. We have accomplished this with his hotels and now we're excited to share this platform with other hotels during this difficult time in the hospitality industry."